Getting Support

Please note that there's only one person working on all versions of BeeCount, and this is only in my spare time. I will do my best to accommodate requests but can't guarantee that I can do so.

Email: You can email the author using the knirirr at address. Email is best for bug reports, and I'll aim to reply as soon as possible. On some occasions I may be away from the computer (during the summer I am often out camping with no mobile signal), but there should usually be a reply within 24 hours.

Web: There's no official BeeCount support forum, but those with an account on the excellent Ravelry website can use the BeeCount group to ask for advice. This is the best place to go if you have questions about how to use BeeCount, such as the best way to set up your counts to best match your knitting requirements for a particular project.


The Source Code

Some code

The initial version of BeeCount for Android was written some time ago, before the release of Android 4.0. Although it works it is written using some older APIs and is not particularly easy to modifiy. It can be found here.

The second version of the code can be found on GitHub. This version has a greatly improved UI and is also easier to work on.

An iOS version based on v.2 was written but isn't currently available. The source code of the iOS version (written with the excellent RubyMotion) is in a private BitBucket repository.

A third version is under development and has had most of the important features added. This is currently available for alpha testing at this site. As this is a web application it will be available on many platforms and will also allow users to synchronise their data between devices.